English Learner Education

Ms. Sherbakov’s EL News for March 2020

In the spirit of the cold weather, we have been reading wintry books, such as The Mitten and The Snowy Day.  We have practiced talking about all the different ways people can enjoy winter, including building a snowman or a snow fort, throwing snowballs, and going sledding and skating. We are still holding out hope for a little more snow this year, so we can try out some of these fun activities!

Our wintry chats have been guided by our focus on meaningful word groups. We have practiced putting together meaningful sentences about books we have read and fun classroom objects. We’ve also been talking about past and present, and how school is different today from in the past. We continue to build our knowledge of adjectives, using them to describe a range of feelings, pictures, and classroom objects.

Finally, in February we completed our ACCESS testing. This test determines EL students’ levels and helps inform group placements for the coming year. Ms. Sherbakov was very impressed by the students’ hard work on the test, as well as their patience during the long testing period! Results of the ACCESS will arrive in late spring, and will be sent home to families of children tested.

Andrea Sherbakov, EL Teacher