A Note  from Ms. Herrmann for March, 2020

This month, the students are moving from echo songs to call & response songs in the singing part of their 8-part musical workout. Call & response songs are a little more challenging than echo songs. Instead of simply repeating after the teacher for an echo song, for a call & response song, the students must remember one single response that they give after each line that the teacher sings. However, what the teacher is singing is different from what their response is, so they have to work harder to remember and reproduce the correct melody and lyrics for their response in a call & response song. The students will also be starting to learn some of their school songs this month, that they will be performing at the end-of-the-year awards assemblies in June. There are four songs to learn, including the “Monatiquot School Song,” “We’re the Kids in Kindergarten,” “The Kindergarten Class,” and “In the Summertime.” The first song they will learn, "In the Summertime,” is based on the 1970 song by Mungo Jerry. However, we have adapted the original lyrics to better fit the age and experiences of our MSKC students. This song has a fun beat, and we will be adding percussive vocal sounds, as well as body movements to the song, in addition to working on the melody and lyrics.

Lisa Herrmann, K-5 General Music