Clubs,  Athletics & Activities

Session II Clubs and Activities



Dungeons & Dragons Club

Mr. Bache

Room A218

Rec Sport Club

Mr. Giardina

Room A211

(Late March)

Concert Choir

Mr. L.

Room A231

Concert Choir

Mr. L.

Room A231

Chess Club

Mr. Dufault

Room B308

GSA Club

Ms. Weinberg and

Ms. Auer

Room B302

Concert Choir

Mr. L.

Room A231

Environmental Club

Ms. Steinley and Ms. Santos

Room A120

Robotics Club

Ms. O’Donnell

Room A326

Jewelry Club

Ms. Morett

Room B306

Math Team

Ms. Mauro

Room A111

Cooking Club

Ms. O’Donnell

Room A326

Graphic Novel Club

Ms. Campisano

Room A125

Arts and Crafts Club

Ms. Zis

Room 123

Plant Horticultural


Mr. Glover

Room A322

(Weather Permitting)

Fun Fitness Club

Ms. Leader

New Gym

Jigsaw Puzzle Club

Ms. Bartlett

Room B304

Creative Writing Club

Ms. Crane

Room A131

Snow Patrol

Running Club

Mr. Condon

Room B240

Yoga Club

Ms. Carney

Room C215

Chemistry Club

Mr. Glover

Room A322

Winter Art Club

  Ms. Schulze

Room A323

Debat Club

Mr. Varone

Room A127