Club Offerings

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Academic Decathlon

This national program is intended to provide a challenging academic experience to approximately twenty students from all four-grade levels. Participating students must represent a variety of levels of academic achievement from "A" students to "C" students. The program includes objective testing, oral presentations and an oral quiz in subject areas including Art, Social Science, Economics, Science, Mathematics, Literature, and Music. There will be two Saturday competitions with outside schools.

Anime Club

Students meet to watch, discuss, and participate in activities related to Anime. The club creates a space for those who have a passion for the story telling, animation, and music of Anime to explore both the art and culture that surround the genre. If you are interested in carving out some time to watch something you love, talking with people who have a similar passion, participating in a tea ceremony, or questioning someone who is taking steps towards working in the world of animation, consider becoming part of Anime club!

Astronomy Club

The goal of the Astronomy Club is to cultivate interest in physics and its applications to astronomy. The club activities include lectures, laboratory experiments, night-time observations and outreach.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an international organization started by Anthony Shriver which matches individuals with disabilities and their typical peers for one to one friendships. The Braintree High School Chapter matches students from Project Prove with other BHS students for friendships, and works to promote an inclusive school environment in which everyone’s strengths and talents are celebrated and appreciated. Proceeds from our fundraising efforts go toward supporting the activities of the club.

BHS News

BHS News provides students the opportunity to write and produce stories of value to teenagers in multimedia formats including publishing online stories, podcasts and video. Storytellers wanted.

Bible Study

The Bible Study Club is open to all students and faculty and is non-denominational. During Bible Study Club, a passage (s) of the Bible is read and then discussed as a group. The conversations can be insightful, intriguing, and are always interesting.

Clay Club

The Clay Club is open to all students, whether or not they have worked with clay. In Clay Club, students will work on both individual and group projects, including artistic pieces of work to be sold at a Fundraiser. Work will be fired and glazed in food-safe glazes. Students must sign up before the end of September, and be able to attend on a regular basis.

Cultural Awareness Club

Cultural Awareness Club provides students an opportunity to learn about and discuss topics and issues (both past and present) relative to culture, ethnicity, religion, etc. In addition, members of the club look for ways to help actively promote topics of interest to the larger student body regarding cultural awareness (i.e. designated heritage months). Past club activities have included attending the annual Anti-Defamation Youth Congress held in Boston and culturally themed meetings where students enjoy food and music of a particular ethnic group. All Braintree High School students are welcome.

Environmental Club

Students at Braintree High School have acknowledged the environmental needs of our school and community. Issues such as recycling, educational awareness programs and community projects will be the focal point of the students’ activities. Membership is open to all students at the high school.

French National Honor Society

Students are recommended at the end of the first term by their teachers to become members of this honorary group based on character, scholarship, and active interest in French. Students become eligible for membership at the end of their third year of study. The members at large elect student officers and meetings are held periodically to plan for activities. Members offer in-school tutoring services to students having difficulty in French. Whenever possible, the society will sponsor related activities, such as a field trip to Quebec, movies, plays, art exhibits, musical performances or lectures.

Future Educators of America Club

Future Educators of America is a club at Braintree High School for Braintree High School Students in grades 9-12 who express an interest in exploring teaching as a career. The club’s purpose is to provide activities and guidance for students interested in the field of education. The principle of service is also emphasized—service that develops character, fosters learning, and promotes education. Fundraising will focus on providing charitable contributions as well as the PreProm Reception.The club meets regularly to organize events and activities within the school that promotes the PRIDE mission.