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One of my main responsibilities as an Integrated Information Teacher is to support the classroom teachers and curriculum. I will be working closely with the classroom teachers to supplement what they are working on in the classroom during a given week. There are also weeks where we focus on Library Skills.

If you have any questions about the lessons we do in Media, please feel free to contact me. You can also visit my website.

About the Integrated Information Teacher

  • Is a certified Massachusetts elementary teacher
  • Has main goal is to integrate curriculum, technology and media, providing an instructional program that helps students and teachers become efficient and effective users of information
  • Develops and implements an integrated curriculum of information gathering skills through a variety of technology and media
  • Develops and implements lessons in locating, gathering and using information using a variety of technology and media
  • Assists teachers in locating resources (print and technology) to support instruction
  • Assists teachers in implementing lessons using various technology and media
  • Catalogs information resources (books software, etc.) and maintains information center (the library)