Singing StudentsMusic is essential to the education of all children. Music is an integral component of the lifelong learning process by which individuals develop as members of society. The ability to perform, create, and listen to music with understanding is desirable for every member of society.

Music is an art. Through music students are able to build personal and cultural identity. It is a field of study with its own body of knowledge, skills, and ways of thinking. It provides a means of expression. Involvement in musical experiences fosters sensory perception and cognitive development, enhances self-worth, and encourages artistic discipline. Music transcends historical, cultural and language barriers while providing a means for understanding and communicating.

Braintree Public Schools Music Department Program

The Braintree Public Schools Music Department program is sequential and interdisciplinary. It integrates and adds depth and breadth to learning. It provides opportunities for students to express themselves, to think through music, and become self-aware. Music is basic to the education of every child. It improves and enhances the quality of life for all students.

Kindergarten Music Objectives

  • The primary school years are a time of growth, wonder, and excitement, exploration and discovery. These years are crucial as the child develops a concept of music, gains fundamental skills, and acquires sensitivity to musical sounds and their beauty.
  • Experience and explore the singing and speaking voice by matching pith patterns. Discovering different vocal timbres, and managing appropriate dynamic control.
  • Express and understand a varied repertoire of music by singing, playing rhythm instruments, moving, and listening.
  • Create and compose simple musical responses by employing improvisational techniques.
  • Compare and discover relationships between music, the other arts, history and culture by discussing how music connects to the home, school, and community.