Guidance Services

The work of the Guidance Counselor is to encourage students in their development as confident and caring individuals and assist them in the process of becoming committed learners.

  • Helps students to understand themselves better by discussing with them their needs, responsibilities, development, and choices
  • Listens to students talk about their academic accomplishments and concerns
  • Works with students to improve social interactions
  • Fosters emotional growth in students
  • Develops a relationship with the student and monitors academic and social/emotional functioning
  • Talking to students individually on a short term basis
  • Seeing students in groups, lunch groups, general communication groups or groups with a particular focus
  • Presenting grade 9 programs in 8th grade classes and meeting each 8th grade student individually to plan for high school
  • Consulting with specialists
  • Meeting and planning with parents
  • Consulting with personnel of other schools and with mental health professionals
  • Serving as a member of the 504 team and coordinating the pre-referral process for Special Education
  1. 6th Grade
  2. 7th Grade
  3. 8th Grade
  • Helping students to explore new friendships
  • Lunch bunch groups for boys and girls
  • Organizational skills groups
  • Orientation to the Middle School/Making Transitions
  • Personal and academic development
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Scheduling
  • Second Step Anti-Bullying Curriculum
  • Study skills groups
  • Transition to 7th Grade
  • Visiting elementary schools