South Middle School offers a developmental guidance curriculum encompassing responsive services that enhance the academic, career, personal, and social growth of all students. Counseling services foster independent decision-making skills and a positive self-image for all students to fulfill their future potentials.

Counselors meet regularly with students via individual appointments, group sessions, and classroom-based activities and workshops to discuss the following:

  • Academic planning, progress, and course selection
  • High school options
  • Personal strengths, interests, abilities
  • Social or personal concerns

Guidance Counselor Assignments

School counseling services are available to all students and parents. Students are assigned a counselor who will follow them through their middle school career.

Students or parents should feel free to contact their counselors at any time during the school year.

Guidance CounselorAssigned Student Last Names
Mrs. LyonsA through G
Mrs. LewisH through Mc
Mrs. RiordanMe through Z

Students Considering Attending Private School 

Please bring your completed application to your guidance counselor along with a stamped envelope addressed to the appropriate admission office. 

If letters of recommendation from specific teachers are required, the student must ask the teacher in person if they will write the recommendation and again provide a stamped, addressed envelope. Please be aware of the deadlines and be sure to give the counselor and the teacher plenty of notice. 

If a student attends a private school for the day, please be sure to bring a letter from the school attended to the office to have the absence excused.


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