Our Program

Goals For the Child:

  • To provide a supervised environment to meet the developmental needs of the child.
  • To help the child transition from home to a formal school experience.
  • To help the child build his/her self-esteem, to participate with others and learn to deal with his/her feelings in a positive way.
  • To expose the child to new experiences and to enrich their understanding of the world.
  • For the child to feel safe and comfortable in a school environment.


The Braintree High School Preschool Program provides a variety of activities and opportunities for learning.  The following are a few examples:

Active Play:

  • Classroom activities – ex.  Bike riding, marching
  • Games in the gym –ex. Duck, duck, goose
  • Outside adventures- ex.  Nature walks, walking on the track, chalk drawing

Dramatic Play:

  • Doll area
  • Kitchen area
  • Dress up area

Creative Materials:

  • Paints, clay
  • Blocks
  • Our own sandbox

Language Arts:

  • Reading time
  • Circle time  
  • Pre-reading skills

Math Skills

  • Number and shape identification
  • Classification


  • Singing and dancing
  • Musical instruments


  • Plants and animals          
  • Weather and seasons
  • Dinosaurs


  • Beads for bracelets
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Lacing cards
  • Unifix shapes


  • Letter recognition
  • Comprehension