What if I can’t buy a device?

If your family is unable or unwilling to provide a laptop or Chromebook for you to use during the school day, the school will provide one for you. Parents will be required to have a brief meeting with school administration, and both parents and students will sign a contract for use of a school device off campus. If this situation applies to you, please contact the main office at your middle school to leave your contact information and request a callback from your student’s principal.

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1. Are there minimum technical requirements for the device?
2. Is a smartphone okay?
3. Where should I buy a laptop or Chromebook?
4. What if I can’t buy a device?
5. Will this device work for the duration of middle school?
6. What software do I need on the machine?
7. Will I be able to get on the BYOD network?
8. How will internet safety be addressed on this device?
9. What if I forget my device at home?
10. What if I need to charge my machine during the school day?
11. What if my device breaks?
12. What about theft or insurance?