Art News from Ms. Champagne for October 2019

In art at MSKC we are excited to be making art! We are learning about the “Elements of Art,” or the ingredients needed to create a work of art! We are making drawings using line, shape, color and pattern. We read the book Shapes are Everywhere and discovered that by connecting lines and shapes we can draw anything! Most recently we learned the color order of the rainbow and how the rainbow can be used as a tool to help us mix our colors. We will be reading Mouse Paint and practicing using red, blue and yellow, the primary colors to mix orange, green and purple. We have enjoyed sharing our art with each other and are looking forward to making more! In art at MSKC, we are excited to be making masterpieces!  We are beginning to explore the many mediums that artists use to create art.  An artist's medium is the material that they use to make their art.  This year we will be exploring drawing with crayons, cray pas and markers, painting with tempera and watercolor, and paper and clay sculpture!