English Learner Education

Ms. Sherbakov’s EL News for January 2020

Ms. Sherbakov’s students have been talking up a storm this month! We’ve been building our vocabulary to talk about the seasons of the year and the things we wear to stay warm in winter. We’re learning lots of new animal names, and we’re practicing using sequence words like first, next, and last. In addition to talking, we’ve been reading lots of books about winter and how animals prepare for it.

This month, we’ve discussed the difference between real and make-believe elements in the stories we read, including Bear Snores On, The Mitten, and more. We also continue to work on adjectives to describe size, color, number, and more. We’ve written about real and make-believe animals and their homes, and have worked together to create short rhyming poems. It is so exciting to watch our students making progress!

Here is a link with literacy resources for parents: https://matsol.memberclicks.net/multilingual-literacy-resources-for-parents. The list of reading tips for parents offers many fun activities you may enjoy with your child, in English or your home language, to help him/her build literacy skills.

Andrea Sherbakov, EL Teacher