Reading & Math Specialists

Reading News from Ms. Sullivan for December 2019

In this day and age, it is no surprise that children love technology! With winter fast approaching, more time is spent inside and perhaps on a computer or iPad. There are many fun and interactive literacy websites and apps that can be used to make your child’s time with technology not only fun, but educational! Below is a list of some websites and iPad apps that I recommend using with your child to help develop their early reading skills.



Letter School

Endless Alphabet


ABC Pocket Phonics

Bob Books Reading Magic

Reading Eggs

Starfall Learn to Read


Ms. Aborn's Math News for December, 2019

In Math, students are continuing to practice their numeral writing and are working hard on counting. Counting may seem like a simple math skill, but it is about more than just saying the number names in the correct order. Students must understand that as they count objects, each number is paired with one object (one-to-one correspondence). They must also learn that when counting objects, the last number they say is how many objects are in that group (cardinality). At this stage, many students can count many objects, but when asked how many objects there are, they have to recount to tell you how many. Conservation is also a developing skill. Conservation is understanding, for example, that 4 is 4 no matter how the objects are arranged. Students must also recognize and write numerals that represent sets of objects. Finally, they need to understand that when they count, each number represents one more than the number before it.

How can you help at home? Count with your kids! Counting is fundamental to learning mathematics in elementary school. It doesn’t matter what you count or how big or small the collections-just count everything all the time!