Physical Education, Health & Wellness

The Elementary Physical Education Program (K-5) is aligned with The Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Frameworks & National Standards, which de-emphasizes competition, and re-emphasizes skill attainment & self-accomplishment, with every student involved at all times: physically, mentally, & socially. Students will learn the language of movement, so that they may apply basic strategies and skills to a variety of sports and wellness activities.

Caitlinn Casey, Physical Education, Health, and Wellness Teacher

Physical Education News from Ms. Casey for January, 2020

In PE class we are finishing up our soccer skills unit. Students have been practicing the skills of passing and dribbling. We have played some modified games including “statues,” “messy back yard,” and “guard the snowman.” Next up is our basketball skills unit! During the winter months we will be talking about ways to keep our heart healthy.

Please feel free to send in a picture of your child performing an activity that is heart healthy (i.e. sports, dance, games/activities, etc.), to be displayed on our PE bulletin board “How do you keep your heart healthy?”

Please remind your child to wear (or bring) sneakers on PE days.

Thank you,

Caitlinn Casey, Physical Education and Wellness Teacher