June 2019 MSKC Classroom News

This month we will complete our fifth of six reading units, “Going Places,” and move on to our final unit, “Putting It Together.”  We will continue to review alphabet letter recognition, letter naming, and matching uppercase to lowercase letters.  We continue to build upon phonemic awareness in kindergarten, as we explore initial, medial, and final sounds in words.  Phonics lessons will offer practice with matching alphabet letters to the sounds they make.  We will master all superstar vowel sounds, /y/ spelled Yy, /kw/ spelled Qu/qu, and consonant blends.  Our (final!) kindergarten high frequency words to practice this month are where, and come.  We continue to develop our comprehension skills, reading about and discussing character, compare and contrast, plot, main idea, drawing conclusions, preview/predict, as well as retell.  Kindergarten cares about “conventions,” learning about prepositions, nouns, telling sentences, verbs, and pronouns “I” and “me.”  We are writers, working on list, songs, and rhymes.

During the month of June, MSKC can’t wait to investigate representing teen numbers, identifying coins, and working with addition and subtraction during mathematics lessons.  Our students are working to master addition and subtraction facts to 5.  Kindly encourage your child to work with addition and subtraction flash cards in order to build automaticity.  Math lessons incorporate several manipulatives, games, and activities to engage students as they practice important skills.

This month we look forward to further exploring our exciting hands-on science unit, Plants and Animals.  Students will observe and communicate that animals (including humans) and plants need food, water, and air to survive.  They will learn that animals get food from plants or other animals.  They will discover that plants make their own food and need light to live and grow.  Students will recognize that all plants and animals grow and change over time.  All students at MSKC planted a sunflower seed in our outdoor classroom garden! 

As part of social studies in June, we will be learning all about Flag Day, maps and globes, yearbook, and our transition to next year/grade 1.

Second Step is a program we use to help students develop learning skills and improve upon social skills.  Our kindergarteners enjoy our interactive lessons.  Currently, we are wrapping up Emotion Management and Problem Solving.  We continue to practice the problem solving steps.  These include: SAY the problem, THINK of solutions, EXPLORE consequences, and PICK the best solution.

Please note:

  • June 19th – Last Day of School for PM Kindergarten – dismissal at 2:35
  • June 20th – Last Day of School for AM Kindergarten (dismissal at 10:30), and Full Day Kindergarten (dismissal at 11:55)
  • This month, our students will enjoy Home School visits, in preparation for our transition to grade one.
  • Our final Kindergarten Report Card will be issued on the last day of school.
  • MSKC would like to acknowledge MSKC students and families for their hard work and support of our learning at home.  THANK YOU!  We are so proud of our super students!