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Happy New Year Kindergarten Families!

         Welcome back!  I hope that you enjoyed a refreshing December break.  January marks an exciting time in the school year, when skill building leads to greater confidence and ability.  You will witness more wonderful independence in your child.  It brings joy to our staff to observe our students moving about their school with big smiles, comfort, and a sense of purpose.  In the weeks to come, our focus turns from learning the routines and expectations of kindergarten, to preparing for first grade!  The time goes by so quickly, and MSKC hopes that you are enjoying every minute of it.

          At the beginning of February, your child will receive his/her first of two kindergarten report cards.  This document is a report on how students perform in relation to federal Common Core standards for learning.  It is worthy of mention that the report card is a tool, a snapshot in time, indicating where to go on the journey to knowledge from here.  You can help your child to be successful by fostering a love of learning, supporting what is learned at school in the home, and reading with your child.  These valuable gifts are free, never run out of batteries, and will last a lifetime.  Enjoy!

Your Partner in Education,

Donna M. Anderson

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