Community Inclusion Awards

SEPAC Community Inclusion Awards

Inclusion means that all children and youth are given equal opportunity to participate in the community. More specifically, children and youth with special needs are participating alongside their typical peers. We are proud to have honored several people for how they demonstrate a commitment to inclusion!

Announcing Recipients of the 
2019 Braintree Community Inclusion Award!

Please join us for the 11th Annual Braintree Community Inclusion Awards on Thursday, May 23rd to honor members of our community that have furthered the ideals of inclusion.  Inclusion means that ALL individuals are given equal opportunity to participate in the community.  More specifically, individuals with special needs are participating alongside their typical peers. 

We are honored to be presenting this award to the following members of our community this year:

Dylan Brown – A senior at Braintree High, has exceeded all expectations in his role as a student intern with the Strives Program at BHS.  Dylan not only serves as a relatable peer role model for the students with ASD, he enjoys spending quality time with these students outside of the classroom while treating them all with respect and understanding.  Dylan has help spread awareness and the importance of acceptance and appreciation at Braintree High.  Dylan plans to study Special Education next year at Keene State College.

The Burchill Family – Kevin, Kristen, Deirdre, Libby, Maggie and Callie Burchill epitomize the ideals of inclusion in our community.  Kevin Burchill, coach of the BHS Girls Varsity Hockey team, and his family naturally included a BHS student with different abilities into their hockey family.  They included him as a part of the team!  The entire family gets the importance of inclusion, they teach it by living it!

Sarah Hazell  This fourth grade teacher at Flaherty School models inclusion in her classroom throughout each day. Sarah realizes that in order for inclusion to work for all, she must model it. She provides a predictable, safe learning environment. Sarah builds social skills and models appropriate behaviors. Sarah’s general education students are compassionate, responsible and extremely friendly to their peers. They appreciate their classmates for who they are and are very understanding and patient. Sarah’s ability to include everyone is a model to be followed!

Matthew Spink  Sensei Matt, chief instructor at East Coast Martial Arts Academies and instructor at SPARKS Summer Enrichment Program, just accepts everyone...always. Matt is naturally compassionate and accepting of everyone. He recognizes the value of each student and respects their abilities. He emphasizes their strengths but also disciplines kindly when needed - encouraging their self-esteem. He is consistent in his expectations. He has earned the trust of all of his students.

Please join us for this celebration at the Braintree Town Hall on Thursday, May 23rd at 6:30 p.m. for light refreshments and the program of speakers will begin promptly at 7:00pm.  Each year, this event is inspiring and uplifting as we hear stories about the special members of the community that we honor.  It is a wonderful way to share the meaning of inclusion and how it’s done in Braintree! 

The Community Inclusion Awards Committee looks forward to seeing you there!