Social Studies

Thomas Jefferson once said, "The nation that expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization expects what never has been and never will be." Jefferson believed that learning and democracy went hand in hand. An effective democracy demands educated citizens who can make informed and wise decisions. Whether it is voting on a local issue or understanding the workings of government to protect your interests, social studies education is essential for us all. Social studies courses in the Braintree Public Schools teach a diverse range of content and skills, including: 

  • Economic Systems
  • Geography
  • Historical Perspective
  • Problem Solving
  • Understanding of Cultures

High School Courses

It is required for all students to successfully complete three years of social studies, including Grade 9 American Government (second semester) and Grade 11 U.S. history (year-long course). However, because of the varied range of elective courses that we offer, almost every senior is enrolled in semester-long courses that interest them. Over the years, over 1,440 students each semester, in a high school of 1,550, enrolled in courses ranging from Advanced Placement (AP) to Level 4, from history to the social sciences, all of which strive to meet the academic needs while appealing to student interests. Department members' expertise and willingness to try new ideas make the number and range of superior courses possible.

History courses offered to freshmen, sophomores and juniors closely adhere to the Massachusetts History and Social Sciences Framework (2003) and Common Core State Standards in History and Social Studies. Freshmen study World History from the fall of Rome through the Enlightenment. Sophomores take Modern World and United States History. Juniors will take U.S. History while Level 1 students have a choice of AP U.S. History. Seniors are able to choose from many options, among them: 

  • Contemporary Global Issues
  • Economics
  • History of Sports in the United States
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

As well as Advanced Placement offerings in European History, American Government and Politics, Human Geography, and Psychology.

Additional Information

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Gorman Lee, Kindergarten to 12 Director of Social Studies, at 781-848-4000, ext. 7835 or email Dr. Gorman Lee.