Our Students

Flaherty is an inclusive community. We appreciate and celebrate everyone's differences and are sure to include all students in all areas of our day. Everyone can work together and play together!

Kindness Rocks

Many of you have noticed colorful rocks with kind sayings on them, popping up around Flaherty. Back in December during our Kindness month the students painted rocks to spread out around the school. We waited until the weather was nice to put them out. If someone sees a rock that makes them smile and brightens their day, they can take it. 

If anyone wants to paint more at home over the summer, feel free to spread them around the school, just not on the grass so we can mow the lawn.

Flaherty Gives Back

In February the whole school was encouraged to keep kindness calendars. We made calendars because we wanted to show what we did as acts of kindness. This was a great way to show kindness in and out of school.

March and April were our “animal months”. As a school we collected and donated loads of supplies for the animals at The Quincy Animal Shelter and The New England Wildlife Center.

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