Completing Interest Forms

Please complete any or all of the forms if you are interested in traveling with us, abroad or on a multi-day domestic trip, in the coming school year. If you are interested in multiple trips, fill out the form for each, and be sure to use the priority indicators at the bottom of each form.

Registration through these forms is extended through Thursday, May 31. On June 1, we will provide registration confirmation and the information for confirmed students to officially join the trips on the Grand Classroom and EF websites.

Other Trips

Before you make your selections on the trips, please keep in mind that other trips, with clubs, classes or athletic teams might also be scheduled. 

See the tab marked Seattle for more information about the TV Production and Broadcast Journalism trip to Seattle! No need to complete a form for this one now - just keep in mind that it may also be of interest as you plan and budget.

Selection Process

In the case of each trip, we are trying to build at least one complete bus in order to provide the most reasonable cost and the safest travel experience we can. 

In the event that more students express interest, we will use a lottery system to select the first full bus and then build a waitlist. In the event that enough students register to fill a second bus, a second bus will be offered.

We look forward to traveling with you!

  1. Austria & Germany
  2. U.S. West Coast
  3. Scotland & Ireland
  4. Seattle
Braintree High School - Vienna to Berlin World War 2 History Tour (PNG)