Braintree High

BHS Students Doing The Wave

Welcome to Braintree High School!

Here at BHS, everything that we do is informed by our core values and beliefs, which can be summarized by the word PRIDE:

  • Education as a Partnership among student, family, school, and community
  • Respect for everyone involved in the learning process, and an eager acceptance of Responsibility for results
  • A recognition that Involvement in the life of the school is a major factor in student success
  • The belief that Diversity in all its forms makes us stronger and better as an institution
  • Agreement that Educational Excellence is the primary goal of all that we do

We also recognize that in a school such as ours, excellence comes in many forms. That is why we are proud of our incredible number of AP course offerings, as well as our consistently high performance on AP exams; our college-going rate that regularly exceeds 90%; our proud tradition of graduates who go on to serve in the various branches of the military; our student-artists who annually shine in district and state-wide settings; our over 80 athletic teams and their many league, sectional, and state championships; and our many clubs and activities that enrich the life of both the school and the community.

At the core of all of this, we remain proudly an academic institution.  Our faculty members hold advanced degrees, are inspiring instructors, and in many cases are leaders among their peers across the state.  Our students excel on state and standardized tests, but more importantly they benefit from a rich curriculum that allows them to learn as composers, programmers, sculptors, broadcasters, and historians of their own hometown.

Braintree High School is a special place, and one that sparkles with a sense of tradition that is second to none.  Ours is a school that is proud of its past, excited about its future, and motivated above all by PRIDE.